Work center cut+milling+anuba Nuova Progetti Np40

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CN 4 axes work center milling+anuba+blade for the processing of frames and doors. Machine with numerical control, equipped with tools change ISO30 and clamps with automatic nesting. It performs straight cut, inclined cut +45°/-45° and perforations for plugs on the uprights and on the crosspieces of the frames. In the same work cycle, it can perform various sites for counterplates on one of the two uprights, as well as screw the normal anuba hinges, baroque, triple or double shank on the opposite upright. Moreover, the work center NP40 is ideal for processing the elements, uprights and crosspieces, which make up the solid wood doors. It also performs the vertical milling on the panels and various processes on the heads. Anuba unit NP3 with manual adjustments of the vertical axis and of the entry into the wood. Management software with convenient graphical interface and all macros for standard processing.


Axis X effective stroke: 2300mm

Axis Y effective stroke: 850mm

Axis Z effective stroke: 150mm

Electrospindle tilting CN: 0°/180° with transversal axis of rotation

Anuba head manual tilting: -10°/+45° with longitudinal axis of rotation

Linear guides and ball screws

Motorization with CC motors and incremental encoders

Manual adjustments of mesures of anuba hinges insertions with visualization and locking in position.

Charger anuba hinges + screwing clamp + universal spindle for drilling.

Provision for insertion for anuba various double shank.

Electrospindle for milling kw 3,6 – quick connection tools ISO30

Electrospindle management with inverter 4 kw

Standard tools change in 6 positions (3 cones ISO30 included)

Control with Windows XP pc