Woodcutter Comap t 9 r 5,5 kw

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This series ranges from highly professional woodcutters

to smaller machines for family use. The splitting force

of the machines varies from 6,5 tons up to 18 tons.

Our woodcutters are strong, fast, reliable, safe and easy

to use. All our machines comply with the strict CE

safety regulations currently in act.



Splitting force 8500 kgf

Electric motor 5,5 kw

Length of wood 110 cm 

Cylinder run 45 cm

N°of blade pieces 2-4

Approach speed 20 cm/s

Splitting speed 10 cm/s

Return speed 12 cm/s

Width 66 cm

Depth 103 cm

Height 188 cm

Weight 188 kg



Cross splitting 

Carriage for manual transport 



Additional information

Weight188 kg