Pantograph Nuova Progetti Np12

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Pantograph with robust structure with 3 numerical control axes (x-y-z). Multispindle head for the processing of panels, doors, wooden elements on the three faces. It performs quickly seats for locks and counter plates, but also able to perform seats for pawls, bolts, stanley and in general all the horizontal and vertical machining included in the working field. Ideal for pantograph and for the realization of decorative designs. Sliding on hardened guideways recirculating ball and axis movement by ball screws, motors CC and encoders of precision. The longitudinal axis is driven by hardened and grounded rack and epicycloidal reducer of precision. Numerical control with Windows XP PC and screen LCD 17’’, complete with management software with convenient graphical interface and all macros for standard processing. Extensive customization possibilities for the selection and configuration of the electrospindles, the clamps, the worktop, the macros included in the software.


Overall dimensions 2300×4500xh2300

Axis x effective stroke (longitudinal) 3000 mm

Axis y effective stroke (transversal) 1000 mm

Axis z effective stroke (vertical) 250 mm

Windows software