Spindle moulder Scm tf 130 class

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Worktable dimension [mm] 1200×730 

Front sliding table dimensions [mm] –    

Front sliding table stroke [mm] –  

Spindle moulder shaft length C.E. Diam. 30-35 (40-50) [mm] 140 (180)

Spindle base projection from worktable [mm] 52  

Spindle base projection from worktable with interchangeable spindle [mm] 92  

Max. tool diameter retractable under worktable with table with rings (with sector table “fast”) [mm] 320×85 (300×85)      

Spindle moulder fence stroke with mechanic programming  (positioning in relation to the shaft axis) [mm] 125 (from 125 to +125 with shaft MK5)

External diameter of exhaust outlet (spindle moulder hood) [mm] 120

External diameter of exhaust outlet on base [mm] 120

Air flow speed of the suction system [m/s] 20

Air consumption of the suction system [m3/h] 1700


Manual tool-holder shaft lifting, complete with mechanical readout of working height.

Adjustable fence with wooden tables.

3000/4500/6000/7000/10000 rpm, 50Hz spindle speed

Electrical presetting for feeder

Electric speed display dial

Motor power 7kW 50Hz (8kW 60Hz)

Reverse spindle rotation electrical interlocking for reverse operation

Star/delta manual starter