Column jib crane with retractable arm

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Column-mounted cranes are made with modular elements, which ensure that they are interchangeable, for rapid system construction. The advantage of column-mounted cranes is given by the possibility of being installed in any position through a ground fixing with chemical vials or with anchor bolts. Column-mounted cranes are also equipped with various types of electric hoists, with 1 or 2 lifting speeds and manual or powered trolley movement.

Equipped with:

– support column in pressed sheet steel with a pentagonal cross-section

– arm in the cantilever beam constituted by a first rotating arm on ball bearings on which flows the second arm with manual or electric translation

– hoist trolley

– adjustable band brake.

Electrical system with galvanized conduit, cable carrier trolleys, flat cable.

Finished with 1 coat of rust-proofing and 2 of paint.