Automatic cross-cut saw opt 500 automat


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Cross cut saw KP 500 Automat is a suitable solution for the preparation of beams and plates in the production of pallets and other wooden packaging products. It was designed to replace a heavy physical work and to eliminate operator’s errors.


for input timber of length to 5,2 m or 6,2 m

variant of machine construction – left (ie. material input from the right)

smooth steel input table

AC servo drive unit – high precision, long service life, minimum noise

linear feed of the travel carriage integrated on the solid closed profile

continuous feed speed control from 0 to 60 m/min.

start of the loader feed – food pedal

sufficient performance of the feeder for heavy sections

possibility of processing material in the packet

measurement of the length of components

length combination of cut controlled according to the selected program

lateral tilt of the input table 8°


saw blade disc 500 or 550 mm

engine power 5,5 kW or 7,5 kW

saw feed speed into the cut continuously regulated

upper pneumatic pressure on the cut piece

tolerance of maximum accuracy of the positioning material +/- 0,5 mm

LCD Touch Screen control panel

lateral tilt of the table of the cutting unit is 8°


steel table of the length 2 m (or according to the customer’s requirement)

lateral tilt of the input conveyor is 8°


Overall electrical input  10 kW (12 kW)

Connection  3 x 380 V / 50Hz

Air connection  8 bar (0,8 Mpa)

Air consumption  350 l/min. (depends on number of the cuts and the presence of ejector)

Weight about  900 kg

Extraction  1 x 120 mm – 30 m/s