Milling machine Nuova Progetti Np4-cr

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CN 3 axis milling machine for wooden beams. Machine in accordance with EC norms. Sturdy structure in steel tubulars and work table formed by vice groups automatically positioned by the machine according to the processes to be performed. Thanks to the particular rotary milling head, performs machining on all four faces of the beams. Moreover, it can also perform machining with standard length tools. The management software with convenient graphical interface, is equipped with all the specific functions and all macros for standard workings.


Axis X effective stroke 6000 mm

Axis Y effective stroke 850 mm

Axis Z effective stroke 250 mm

Linear guides and recirculating ball screws

Motorization with CC motors and incremental encoders

Electrospindle for milling – kw 5,6 – connection tool ER32

Electrospindle management with inverter 6 kw

Control with Windows XP pc