Anuba hinge inserting machine Nuova Progetti Np3-3tcn

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3 heads electronic anuba hinge inserting machine, with axes managed by numerical control. Machine in accordance with CE standards. Extremely sturdy structure, free from mechanical wear. Machine suitable for a high productivity. It allows the simultaneous assembly of 3 anuba (normal, baroque, triple or double shank). Vertical and Tilting positions are managed by CN, as well as the center distance between the heads.  The machine is controlled with a WINDOWS software, so it is extremely flexible in the change of the centers distances and of the measures, with the ability to create new programs or modify and call back precompiled software.


Min. center distance (between 2 heads) 430 mm

Max. center distance (max. anuba center distance) 2500 mm

Axis Z effective stroke 100 mm

CN Tilting -5°/+45°

Motorization with CC motors and encoders

Mechanic anuba hinge inserting machine head mod. NP3

Motor management for drilling and screwing with 3 inverter 2,2 kw

Charger for anuba + screwing tong + universal spindle for drilling

Predisposition for Anuba inserting VARIOUS double shank

Numerical control with PC, keyboard, mouse and LCD screen 17″