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Semi-automatic band saw sharpener (for bands up to width of 70 mm).

new generation of grinder enabling grinding of bandsaws up to the width of 70 mm.

Completely new system for setting the form of the tooth. The overall robust construction

and high speed of the grinding disk ensures highly productive and exact grinding of the

bandsaw teeth. The grinder has its own integrated cooling system, frequency converter for

fluently setting the speed of the bandsaw movement, option to set the number of grinted teeth

on the digital display with automatic stopping and a lamp.


Blade width 15-70 mm

Blade length 6,8 mm

Blade thickness 2 mm

Pitch 8-35 mm

Motor power 0,18 kw 0,25 kw

Size 780 x 500 x 670

Speed 0-35/min



Stone grinding wheel

Diamond paste


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Weight66 kg