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The evaporating cooling Cantarini Group is an increasingly system used to cool industrial buildings and housing structures.

The evaporating cooling uses one of the physics property of  air that is able to absorb steam according to its temperature. The more the air is dry and the more steam is able to absorb, while the more it ‘s humid and the less it’s able to receive other. The absolute quantity of steam  that air can contain depends  on its temperature: the more the air is warm and the more it is able to take steam and vice versa.

In short we can say that in the evaporating cooling process the air in entrance is humidified and cooled contemporaneously.

Evaporating cooling apparatus are built to use this principle in the best way :

cooling external air by humidifying it and then sending it inside the buildings, that will perceive an air flux more or less cold like effect  compared to the outside according to the external air temperature and humidity.

  • Dimensions: width 1300x length 1200x height 1740
  • Loadless weight 175 kg
  • Gross weight 450 kg considering a  275 l tank  
  • Air flow 22.000m3h
  • Fan diameter  770 mm
  • Fan power consumption 1.1kw Three-phase
  • Pump power consumption 0,3 kw single-phase

This system benefits  are numerous:

  • More comfort in the summer period
  • Removal of insects
  • Pollen and dust reduction
  • Low operating costs and high results


Fan network security                   52,00 EUR

3 networks security for panels  62,00 EUR

4 revolving wheels with brake    290,00 EUR