Centrifugal aspirator cc 3

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Trailer-mounted centrifugal aspirator with average capacity and pressure, fitted with automatically cleaned main filter (*) and a second filter (Δ). The aspirator can be transported near to the polluting source. Ideal for the intake of powder in general or remains of different kinds of machining.


Intake air m3/h 2000

Maximum pressure mm H2O 305      

Power  Volt 400

Number of motors 1            

Motor power kw  2,2

Filtering surface (*) m12,00                                  

Anti-static polyester filter 4

MB/A filter 1

 Solenoid valve 2                            

Compressed air tank capacity lt. 20   

Compressed air safety valve 1         

Aspirator height cm 150

Height with silencer cm 250 

Length  cm 70                                                   

Depth cm 105                                      

Noise dB  < 75

Weight kg 150