Centrifugal aspirator ac 40/650

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Multistage turbine aspirator fitted with automatic main filter cleaning (*), and with a

second filter (Δ) to collect the micro-powders so that they are not let out into the environment.

It mounts sound-proof casing to guarantee tolerable sound levels.

This aspirator should be applied to a central plant.

Its main feature is average-high pressure with average capacity and with fairly low electricity consumption.

Suitable for the intake of powders that are not too heavy (wood, chalk, flour, aluminium chips, etc).

On/off can be:

– in the manual version, directly from the fan’s control panel;

– in the automatic version, with a distance receiver and transmitter;


Intake air m3/h 800                                                                   

Maximum pressure mm H2O 1500                                            

Power  Volt 400                                                                         

Number of motors 1                                                                     

Motor power kw 4                                                                    

Filtering surface (*) m2 6,00                                                        

Self-cleaning filter in anti-static polyester (*) 4                                       

Resincart filter  (Δ)4                                                  

Solenoid valve 2                                                        

Compressed air tank capacity lt. 5                         

Compressed air safety valve 1                                 

Cylinder Ø 600 x H. 1500 mm  1                                

Height cm 240                                                           

Length cm 150                                                              

Depth cm 70                                                             

Noise dB  < 75                                                              

Weight kg 390