Trailer mounted aspirator acb

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Trailer-mounted centrifugal aspirator, fitted with three metre arm, to be placed near polluting source.

Supplied with four or five filtering sections containing a series of filters. It can suck up welding fumes or

sanding powders. The series of filters to be mounted in the different sections are chosen based on the

type of use.


Intake air m3/h 2000

Power  Volt 400

Number of motors N. 1

Motor power  Kw 1,5

Filtering section N. 5

Filters for section N. 5

Filters size cm 50×50

Height  cm 80

Height with arm cm 250

Width  cm 90

Depth  cm 90

Noise  dB < 75

Weight  Kg 135

Arm  Ø mm 160

Arm length cm 300

Joints  N. 3

Gas pistons N. 2