t350 con bloccaggio verticale multiplo

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Our Double Mitre Saw has been designed to precisely cut

mitres for picture framing and woodworking applications

such as windows, doors, and furniture components. This is

a heavy duty saw built to last many years in a high production

environment. It has a unique pneumatic control system which

totally supports the weight of the cutting assembly allowing a

very smooth down-stroke, precise cuts, and a quick return. Two

saw blades are fixed at 45 degree angles and vertically move

up / down. With each stroke, the two mitres are cut from the

moulding with the least amount of scrap. During the cutting process,

the moulding cannot move as it is held firmly to the work table by

four pneumatic clamps ensuring high quality cuts every time!



Maximum cut   blade Ø350 mm

in mm   W. 80mm H. 80 mm

Max. production/hour  500/600 cuttings

Motors N°2-2HP-2800RPM

Hole suction  N°3 Ø80 mm

Electric power supply  Volts 380

Power absorbtion  3 kW

Pneumatic Feed  6 Bar

Air consumption  8 Nl at 5 Bar

Weight abt. Kg. 380

Overall dimensions  mm 750x800x1550



Mist spray cooling system for aluminium cuts  € 352

Right Extension table + measurement gauge 1.200mm  € 441

Left Extension table + measurement gauge 1.200mm  € 441

Automatic gauge width measurer device L=1.800mm  € 7.665

Automatic gauge width measurer device L=2.400mm  € 8.715

Automatic gauge width measurer device L=3.000mm  € 9.240

Recractile pneumatic stop  € 205

Pneumatic horizontal clamp of mouldings  € 1.038

Fixed stop  € 58

Flip-top stop  € 58

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Weight380 kg