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Circular saw:    

Cast iron saw-spindle moulder table dimensions 1380×465 mm

Blade tilting 90° ÷ 45°

Max. sawblade diameter with scoring unit 350 mm

Max. sawblade projection from table at 90°/45° 117/84 mm

Scoring blade diameter 120 mm

Max squaring capacity 2250 mm

Cutting width on rip fence 900 mm

Spindle Moulder:

Spindle moulder shaft useful length 125 mm

Spindle moulder shaft speed rotation 50 Hz 3500/6000/8000/10.000 rpm

Profiling tool max diameter 240 mm

Max diameter tool under table at 90° 240 mm

3phased motors 5kW (6,6hp) 50Hz – 6kW (8hp) 60Hz

3phased motors (scoring unit) S1 0,55kW 0,75hp 50Hz (0,65kW 0,9hp 60Hz)

Suction hoods diameter 120 mm

Spindle moulder shaft available in the following diameters: 30 – 32 – 35 – 40 – 50 mm 3/4″ – 1″ – 1 1/4″



– Cast iron saw unit with lifting by dovetail guides and tilting by sliding side bezels of high rigidity, complete with scoring unit with independent motor with tuning from the outside of the machine

– Anodized aluminum sliding carriage (dimensions 360 x 2250 mm) with sliding system on high precision steel fences hardened and fixed by riveting system

– Squaring frame

– Saw fence for parallel cutting

– Reverse rotation to the spindle moulder

– Spindle moulder speed display with luminous LED

– Adjustable spindle moulder fence with memories for easy repositioning and numerical indicator for micrometric adjustments

– Control handwheels for the groups positioned on the front of the machine

– Numerical displays for blade inclination, thickness table height, spindle moulder shaft position (1/10 mm)

– Spindle moulder shaft protection for shaping (standard for CE version)



– Version with max squaring stroke 2600 mm

– Version with max squaring stroke 3200 mm

– Buttons for starting and stopping the saw blade and the scoring blade integrated in the sliding carriage

– Additional table on sliding carriage

– Device for angular cuts with reversible stops

– Device for pre-set angular cuts positioned directly on the squaring frame

– Predisposition for “DADO SET”

– 2 speed of the saw (3500/5000 giri/min)

– Suspended blade protection (cutting width 900 mm)

– Suspended blade protection (cutting width 1270 mm)

– Cutting width to the parallel fence 1270 mm

– Digital display for reading the dimension on the parallel guide

– Squaring frame with Compex device

– Third squaring stop with display LCD for position reading                                                                        

– Anodized aluminum tables for spindle moulder fence

– Squaring fence with 2 displays LCD for stops position reading

– Table and tenoning protection casing Ø max. tool 275 mm

– Table and tenoning protection casing Ø max. tool 320 mm

– Tiltable spindle moulder 90° ÷ 45°

– Electrical predisposition and excludable support for the feeder

– Spindle moulder shaft with slot

– Interchangeable spindle moulder shaft

– Spare spindle moulder shaft

– Spare spindle moulder shaft with collet chuck

– Vertical movement and motorized inclination of the operating units for version with fixed spindle moulder with digital indicators

– Vertical movement and motorized inclination of the operating units for version with tilting spindle moulder with digital indicators

– 2 three-phased motors 7kW (9,5hp) 50Hz with automatic star-delta starting

– 2 single-phased motors S1 3,6kW (4,8hp) 60Hz (not available for CE version)

– Triple wall packing



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