Multiblade ripsaw SCM m 3

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Blades pack maximum width 300mm

Feed track width 300mm

Saw blade maximum diameter 350mm

Saw blade minimum diameter 200mm

Minimum piece length 390mm

Saw cartridge w/two keys 20 x 5mm

Blades speed rotation  4200 rpm

Feed track speed continuously adjustable 648 m/min

Working surface height from the ground 750mm

Distance between base and first right blade200mm

Working table dimensions 1.530 x 950mm

Suction mouth diameter for blades 200mm

Suction mouth diameter for feed track 120mm

Intake air volume at 25m/sec 3.850m3/h

Net weight 1.750 kg

Feed motor power at 50Hz 1,5Hp

Feed motor power at 60Hz 1,8Hp

Feed motor power at 60Hz 30Hp


Four rows of anti-kickback fingers

Lockout safety switch on hood

Automatic chain lubrication

Variable speed feed unit with gearbox

Amp meter

Two saw cartridge sleeves with spacers

Six blades

Long infeed fence

Shaving hood

Monoblock base

Cast feed table and feed chain