Circular saw SCM si 300 nova

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Max cutting height at 90° (mm) 100 with blade 315     

Max cutting height at 45° (mm) 70 with blade 315   

Blade inclination 45°

Lifting and tilting of the blades manual   

Main blade speed rpm 4000       

Scoring blade speed rpm 8500

Main blade motor power [S6 40%]kW (HP) 50Hz 5 (7)  

Scoring blade motor power [S6 40%] kW (HP) 50Hz 0,9 (1,2)

Squaring capacity:

with carriage 1600 (mm) n.d

with carriage 3200 (mm) 3200×3200

Cutting width on rip fence (mm) 1270

exhaust outlet diameter:

at thebase (mm) 120

on overhead protection (mm) 80

riving knife (mm)60    


10 year warranty on the sliding system of the carriage.

Sliding table made of extruded anodized aluminum.

3200 mm saw carriage length.

Manual saw blades lifting and tilting by means of front handwheels.

Squaring frame for fast positioning of the fence in the angled cuts.

Output table extensions.

External manual adjustment of scoring unit.

Cutting width 1270 mm on rip fence.

Direct starting of the main motor with buttons.

Independent power scoring unit.

Front mechanical digital readout for tilting.