Circular saw SCM si 3 l’invincibile

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Cutting height at 90°/45° with scoring blade 400 (mm) 140/97          

Blade inclination  45°

Main blade speed rpm  3000/4000/5000

Scoring blade speed rpm 8500

Main blade motor power [S6 40%]kW (HP) 50Hz  7

Scoring blade motor power [S6 40%] kW (HP) 50Hz 0,9

Squaring capacity (mm) 3200×3200

Cutting width on rip fence (mm) 1500

exhaust outlet diameter:

at thebase (mm) 120

on overhead protection (mm) 100


10 year warranty on the sliding system of the carriage.

Carriage entirely in aluminum frame with sliding system.

EASY electronic control.

Assistance to the operator function on electronic control.

Adjustable hanging command board.

Scoring unit with independent motorization.

Programmed rip fence with sliding on THK.

Electronic adjustment of scoring unit.

Telescopic swinging arm made of a large dimensioned extrusion and linear guide on recirculating ball bearings.

” Quick lock ” squaring fence.

Buttons start / stop integrated in the carriage.

Excentric arm for workpiece locking.

3200 mm saw carriage length.