Planing and moulding machine Ps 650

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Reliable solution for processing of massive beams, floor boards and beams of different profiles. Suitable for installation in lines for processing of semi-finished components for wooden houses.


width of workpiece 650 mm

height of workpiece 2-side / 4-side moulding 300 mm / 250 mm

minimum length of workpiece 800 mm

maximum chip removal on each unit (except bottom = 5mm) 10 mm

feed controlled frequency converter 5 – 25 mm

spindles rotations 4500 rpm

knife shaft diameter – upper and bottom unit Ø 140 mm

lateral tools diameter – right, left unit Ø 200 mm

motors output upper unit 15 kW

bottom unit 11 kW

lateral units 11 kW


spindle motors are electronically braked.

on lateral units can be mounted shaped tools.

Machine modifications: with two units – upper and bottom

Machine modifications: with four units – upper, bottom + right and left