Aspirator for civil plants ic 12/210

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Mono-phase intake plant for centralised civil plants. The structure is cylindrical in 12/10, epoxide powder

painted steel. The upper part has a soundproofed space containing the turbine and the lower part holds the

powder container, both fitted with quick release locks to facilitate maintenance and inside cleaning. The

plant has an outlet to expel the intake air.

On/off are:

– in the standard version, by means of a pipe-switch connector with a metal ring activator;

– in the automatic version, with a distance transmitter (in order to specify).


Intake air m3/h 210

Maximum pressure mm H2O 1900       

Power  Volt 230 single-phase

Number of motors 1            

Motor power W 1250

Filtering surface m0,75                                  

Resincart filter 1         

Cylinder Ø 300 x H. 500 mm  1                        

Height cm 95                                     

Length cm 35                                                    

Depth cm 40                                       

Noise dB  < 75          

Weight kg  20