Aspirator 45/370

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Multi turbine aspirator, fitted with automatically cleaned main filters (*) and with a second filter (Δ)

to collect the micro-powders so that they are not let out into the environment. It mounts soundproof

casing to guarantee tolerable sound levels. A fixed fan to be placed in centralised systems,

to suck up powders from:

– rubbing down in the body shop and joinery sectors;

– grinding of metals in general or of concrete/similar articles;

– remains of workings in the dental, textile, gold and glasses sectors etc.

The fan is fitted with an automatic electronic device: after being turned on by radio-control

or micro-contacts (to be specified at the time of order), it chooses the turbine or turbines

required based on the need for air intake, starting them, combining them or stopping

them, thus maintaining optimum pressure. When all the plant openings are closed,

the fan stops automatically thus saving energy.

To turn on the fan again you have to turn on the transmitter or micro-contacts. In modular aspirators

we can install, instead of start up by means of radio-control or micro-contacts, a mini-turbine

to maintain the centralised plant under pressure when all the suction openings are closed,

with minimum electricity consumption (KW 0.2-0.37)

When one or more operators open the outlets for usage, the mini-turbine stops and the turbines

start up automatically, according to suction needs, with the working principle described above.

When all the openings are closed, the turbines stop automatically and the mini-turbine starts up.


Intake air m3/h 525

Maximum pressure mm H2O 2500                                                      

Power  Volt 400                                                                          

Number of motors 2                                                                   

Motor power I kw 1,5

Motor power II kw 3

Total power kw 4,5

Filtering surface (*) m2 2,10                                                         

Self-cleaning filter in needled polyester (*) 3                                          

Resincart filter  (Δ)3                                                

Solenoid valve 3                                                        

Pressure stabilizer valve 1                                     

Compressed air tank capacity lt. 5                          

Compressed air safety valve 1                                  

Cylinder Ø 300 x H. 1550 mm  3                                 

Height cm 240                                                           

Length cm 150                                                           

Depth cm 70                                                          

Noise dB  < 75                                                              

Weight kg 342