Horizontal log bandsaw ctr 750

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Log Bandsaw CTR 750

Bigger and stronger version of the popular CTR 520 allows for processing of logs up to 75 cm in diameter. Similarly to CTR 520 it uses

a one size bigger bimetallic metal-cutting saw band. While the size of the bimetallic saw band in CTR 520 is 27 x 0.9 mm, the size of the

band in CTR 750 is 34 x 1.1 mm which, combined with a powerful 5.5 kW engine can deal with logs of large diameters. Manual feed into

cut and back; or mechanical feed in CTR 750 E. Height is adjusted using a hand crank with adjustable scale.

Use of a bimetallic saw band which is normally used in metal band saws brings following advantages:

– very simple operation

– single saw band cuts all types of wood without tooth adjustment (sharpening, tooth setting)

– elimination of tedious, technically challenging sharpening and setting of teeth

– You can immediately start cutting wood in professional quality without any necessary experience

– bimetallic saw band easily cuts metal materials in the log such as nails, shrapnel or bullets.

– professional three-side hardmetal saw band guidance in guiding heads and robust support of all rotary parts ensure high cutting

accuracy and long service life of the saw band

– maximum accuracy, like in professional machines

– no need to purchase tooth sharpener and tooth setting machine

– easy accessibility and low cost of bimetallic saw bands

Powerful 5.5 kW engine ensures full power during fully professional cutting, cutting of high-quality round timber or when cutting very

hard materials. Travelling sections are supplied disassembled. Instead of bimetallic metal-cutting band sized 27 x 0.9 mm you can

use a special bimetallic wood-cutting band sized 35 x 0.9 mm which (same as the bimetallic metal-cutting band) does not require

sharpening and setting of teeth. You can also fit your machine with standard saw-cutting bands (35 x 0.9 mm) identical to those used in

higher professional models CTR 710, 800 and 950. Larger teeth in these saw bands allow for increase of productivity when cutting large

diameter logs. However, in the above mentioned saw bands it is necessary to sharpen and set the teeth regularly.