Horizontal log bandsaw ctr 1000 h 60

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This is derived from the popular CTR 1000 H 40 model. Compared with this model the CTR 1000 Hydraulic is fitted with a large sawband arm with running wheels with a diameter of 720 mm, which enables the use of the sawband with the width up to 65 mm, including the option to use a stellite sawband. This wider sawband in combination with the stronger engine significantly increases the speed of cutting and the productivity of the machine. The double-sided synchronized driven and guided arm bridge of the sawband on the travel sections ensures maximum stability during the cut and during the use of the feeder and the slide for the cut materials it enables manipulation with very heavy work pieces. The travel sections, including complete hydraulic accessories are the same as for the CTR 1000 H 40 model and enable easy manipulation with cut materials up to the diameter of 1 metre. The basic travel section and the extension sections are equipped with numerous clamping points for installation of hydraulic accessories, which enables large variability of the location with respect to the entire cutting length and features of the processed material. The basic version of the machine has a cut of 7,5 metres and is equipped with the following hydraulic accessories:

1× electrically controlled bar

1× auxiliary hard-metal guiding of the sawband, hydraulic tensioning of the sawband

2× log clamps

5× squaring arms

1× log taper adjusted

1× log taper adjusted with horizontal travel

1× log turner

The extension sections with the cutting length of 3 m allows for installation of hydraulic accessories according to your requirements.

Motor 22 kw

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Weight 2800 kg